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AddonDoc2 1.1
ChangeDateNew 3.5.6
Chmod 0.2
CopyNews 0.4
CustomFields 1.0
EasyEdit 1.0.1
EmptyProfile 0.6.1
FieldIncluder 1.0
Filter By Field 2.1
Full Profile Build 1.0
IsNewValue 0.1
Link Validator 1.3
Maginot Columns 0.3
Maginot Line Build 17
Modify News : Missing Subject 0.1.2
Multipart 1.59
NewFiles 1.1
NewsCounter 0.4
NumericNewsID 0.2
Prisoner's Dilemma build 2
Profile Numeric Filter 0.1.2
QueryFetcher 0.2
Random News 1.2
Search And Replace 1.0
ShadowMail 2.2
Snipper 1.0.1
SortOrders 2.3
Style Debugger 0.2
Top Bottom News Fields 0.1
X Multisubmit 2.4.3
Weberver & Perl Errors
If you have found my guidance here or in the Coranto forums helpfull or is using one of my addons and liked it here is your chance to materially support and encourage me to spend time helping others and keep developing existing and future addons to Coranto. Please note that this is a donation and not payment, what I do with my free time is up to me!

Eduardo Pedreño
Ken Edwards (mavmesa)
Jesse Walden
Michio Takagi
:. Parahead´s Coranto CornerEDITDELETE 2004-02-05

Coranto is a free Content Management System written in Perl. It is highly flexible and uses a technique of hooks in the core script at vital points which third party developers can use to enhance or alter the basic functionality provided by the script. These extra modules are called addons and this is my space where I have collected some of my own addons as well as some addons where I have contributed to some extent.

Some of my own addons are very specific and have been made upon request from a user in the Coranto community, while others are far more generic.

The addons where there is an original author my contributions are often minor tweaking of the addon, but the original authors has let me make the releases of the modified versions instead of them. I do not try and take credit for them, just providing a place where they can be retrieved.

If you have *any* questions ("how do I accomplish A with addon B?"), feature requests ("couldn´t you add feature X into addon Y?") or possible bug reports ("the addon Z is acting weird!") for any of these addons, please state them in the Coranto forum! That way more people can provide answers to you than just me and also more people can learn from the answer. I am active in the forum, but providing a person-to-person tech support is taking way to much of my time and diverts my energy and focus from coding addons, which is what I do, OK? :-)

The domain was in september 2006 gracefully donated to me by Eduardo Pedreño (the previous owner of the domain), so that it would be used for promoting the CMS Coranto. Thank you Eduardo and good luck with your weblog.

:. AddonDoc2 1.1 EDIT 2004-12-14

This addon enables other addons to use a separate (stand alone) documentation file in either POD, HTML or TXT format instead of having the documentation included *within* the addon file. The stand alone documentation files should be placed in a subfolder to the Coranto folder named docs (eg. /cgi-bin/coranto/docs).

This documentation feature is standard in the 1.30.x series, so you only need to use this addon if you have an older version of Coranto than that in combination with an addon that uses this feature.

Download Details Author: Parahead
:. ChangeDateNew 3.5.6 EDIT 2005-03-03

Allowes you to change the date and time of when a specific post was submitted, which can be both a past date and a future date. This makes it possible to post news in advance and having them show up at a later date (if automatic builds are needed, crontab and the addon autobuild is required).
It is also possible to specify an enddate when the post should be filtered out when doing a build and the newsitem will automagically be moved to a new Category if desired. Great for making an events calendar only showing future events.

Support for the X Multisubmit (XMS)-addon exists so that only the submitpages that you want will show the changedate fields.

Download Details Authors: Lawrence, Parahead
:. Chmod 0.2 EDIT 2004-03-19

Very basic, the outputfiles produced by a normal profile is chmoded to the permissions set in this addon.

Download Details Author: Parahead
:. CopyNews 0.4 EDIT 2004-08-17

This addon simply gives you a new column at the Submit News Page, which makes it possible to create a new newsitem based on the info from the old one.

Download Details Author: Parahead
:. CustomFields 1.0 EDIT 2006-01-08

Adds a couple of new types of Custom Fields as well as extend the functionality of some of the existing fields. The new fields are:

* Descriptionfield: Not really an inputfield, but instead lets you create a header or an explanation at the submit news page for a group of other fields, which can be a visual aid if you have many fields.

* Password Field: Let´s you hide a fields value even at the modify news page. Works like a HTML password field and scrambles the value so it isn´t possible to retrieve the value.

* Drop Down Box From File: A newsfield that get it's options from a file of your choice. It works very much the same as a normal Drop Down Field, but the entries in the box is fetched from a file instead of being specified inside the admin interface of Coranto.

* Concatenation Field: A newsfield that lets you choose two fields and concatenate their contents into just one which can be useful together with Maginot.

The fields that are being extended by this addon are:

* Single Line Input: Possible to choose that the field will be updated with the current time when posting or modifying news. Great if you edit a newspost and want to show "last altered at" or something.

* Drop Down Box: Possible to add new values on the fly when submitting/modifying news instead of just doing it at the Fields settings page. The values in the box are then alphabetically sorted. You can also make the dropdown to a multiple selection box.

The addon also lets you define validations that a field must pass through when submitting a newsitem, which for example can be used to check that a field really contains a date in the format you want.

Download Details Author: Parahead
:. EasyEdit 1.0.1 EDIT 2005-04-04

The purpose of this addon/script is to make it possible to have Edit and/or Delete links for each newsitem visible at the frontend of your site when a user is logged in to Coranto (with the 'remember me' option enabled!). This makes it very easy to browse your site and find the newsitem you want to edit instead of using the normal Coranto Modify News page.

Download Details Author: Parahead
:. EmptyProfile 0.6.1 EDIT 2006-04-15

If a profile doesn´t have any newsitems in it, this addons filles the outputfile with a message of your choice. Very basic and the text you want is set inside the addon at the variable "emptyprofile_defaulttext", since it lacks a real interface.

Download Details Author: Parahead
:. FieldIncluder 1.0 EDIT 2005-03-05

A small addon that makes it possible to insert other fields at the submit and modify news page. This is done through the well known and normal style approach, using <Field: FieldName>. The tag will be replaced with the actual value for the choosen field when the newsitem is published.

Download Details Author: Parahead
:. Filter By Field 2.1 EDIT 2004-08-17

This addon allows Profiles to be filtered by the contents/values of a select Field or Fields. The extra filtering options are found in each Profile configuration page.

This version has been updated to allow regular expression filtering. The addon is released with permission from Sumaleth, the original author.

Download Details Authors: Sumaleth, Parahead
:. Full Profile Build 1.0 EDIT 2004-12-19

Makes it possible to choose on a per profile basis if the profile unconditionally should be built each time a newsbuild is conducted. The normal behaviour for a profile is that it is only rebuilt if a newsitem that belongs to the profile has been added/deleted/altered (of not doing a full rebuild that is).

Download Details Author: Parahead
:. IsNewValue 0.1 EDIT 2005-02-11

Gives you the possibility within a style to check if a certain field contains a new value or not since the previous newsitem in the current profile.

With a normal Coranto installtion you allready have the possibility to do this check for Date, Week, Month, User, Category and File, but this addon gives you the full power to specify an arbitrary field to use without any restrictions.

Download Details Author: Parahead
:. Link Validator 1.3 EDIT 2005-02-20

Makes it possible for you to verify that all the URL:s you have entered in your old newsitems are still valid. The addon loops through all the newsitems at your will and present a status report for each URL that is encountered. Of course an edit link to the newsitem where the link was found is presented at the same time so that you can correct any problems encountered.

Download Details Author: Parahead
:. Maginot Columns 0.3 EDIT 2006-04-15

Allows you to build news generated from a Maginot Sliced profile into tabled columns. The addon requires Maginot Build 15 to work! It is based on the News Columns addon made by Sumaleth but I have improved and modified it to work with Maginot Sliced Profiles.

Download Details Author: Parahead
:. Maginot Line Build 17 EDIT 2006-04-15

Maginot is an addon that brings you some new profile types with useful features to choose from.

* A 'Static profile' lets you create one outputfile for each newsitem.
* A 'Static Split Profile' is basically the same as a Maginot Static Profile, but it lets you
split up the single newsitem on several pages.
* A 'Sliced Profile' lets you place all newsitems which share a common value in the same file.
* A 'Sliced Index Profile' lets you create an index page with links to your Sliced pages.
* A 'Sliced Multi Index Profile' is for the advanced user. It makes it possible to create one
index page with links to subindex pages which in turn has links to the specific Sliced pages.

Download Details Authors: plushpuffin, Parahead
:. Modify News : Missing Subject 0.1.2 EDIT 2005-02-25

Normally the Subject column at the Modify News page is constructed from the Subject field, or the Text field if Subject is missing. With this addon you can specify additonal fields to construct the Subject column from if both the Subject and Text fields are missing. It is also possible to override the normal Subject/Text approach all
together and only specify your own fields.

Download Details Author: Parahead
:. Multipart 1.59 EDIT 2005-09-25

This is the addon to use when uploading files via the admin interface of Coranto, attaching files and images to a newsitem or creating thumbnails through NetPBM.

I have been granted permission to release this modified version of the addon here at my site by l0rdphi1, who is the original author. Please do keep in mind that at this point in time Multipart is not open-source. Contact L0rdphi1 if you would like to contribute something to this addon.

Download Details Authors: L0rdphi1, Parahead
:. NewFiles 1.1 EDIT 2004-01-22

Creates a list of recently-modified files in a specific directory and/or subdirectories. It is also possible to get hold of the timestamp of the last updated file, this can be used to create "Site Last Updated: YYYY-MM-DD".
Note: The addon is obsolete, use NewFilesAdvanced by faithless instead!

Download Details Authors: Elvii, Parahead
:. NewsCounter 0.4 EDIT 2004-12-11

Makes it possible to fetch the number of newsitems that belongs to a profile; Total, number of archived and number of active newsitems. The values are stored in a hash with the profilename as the key, read more in the addons documentation of how to use it.

Download Details Author: Parahead
:. NumericNewsID 0.2 EDIT 2005-09-18

After enabling the addon, all newspost you create will have a numeric newsid instead of the normal one.
The newsid is made up of year, month, day, minute, second and then 8 random numbers are appended in order to get it truly unique.

Download Details Author: Parahead
:. Prisoner's Dilemma build 2 EDIT 2005-01-21

After enabling the addon, you may submit or modify news, using <BRESCAPE> and </BRESCAPE> in any HTML-enabled multi-line field, where desired. Any text in between the opening and closing BRESCAPE tags will NOT be terminated with a <br> tag

Download Details Authors: plushpuffin, Parahead
:. Profile Numeric Filter 0.1.2 EDIT 2005-03-16

Lets you specify if the numeric filter specififed at the profile settings page for a normal profile should be conducted before or after the profile sorting routine. This is done through a Yes/No option available at the profile settings page.

Download Details Author: Parahead
:. QueryFetcher 0.2 EDIT 2004-03-26

Place an "include virtual"-SSI command to viewnews.cgi inside a shtml-page. Make a call to the shtml page when this addon is enabled and the query is passed on to viewnews.cgi just as if you would have called viewnews.cgi directly.

Download Details Author: Parahead
:. Random News 1.2 EDIT 2004-12-16

Works together with viewnews.cgi to output a random news item when using the ?random query string (viewnews.cgi?random) and it also handles the category param as input (viewnews.cgi?random&category=name_of_category) or a number of newsitems to fetch (viewnews.cgi?random&quantity=5). Works with Coranto SQL and can be used with SSI, PHP Include, or JavaScript Src.

Download Details Authors: AeroSoul, Parahead
:. Search And Replace 1.0 EDIT 2005-07-06

If you know about the Anne Rice addon, you will understand this one. It searches for a text in your newsitem and replace it with another text. The difference is that it does this on the fly when building news instead of when saving a specific newsitem.

Download Details Author: Parahead
:. ShadowMail 2.2 EDIT 2004-09-02

Makes it possible for visitors to contact you without revealing your true emailaddress. Also has the ability to present a Tell-A-Friend form from where your visitors can send a mail to his friends about an article.

Works through viewnews.cgi with some new parameters and uses styles so the emails are higly flexible. Any feedback and suggestions you might have for this addon is much welcomed!

Download Details Author: Parahead
:. Snipper 1.0.1 EDIT 2006-01-06

This addon allows you to snip a field in a more advanced way than the basic snip method provided with Coranto. With this addon you have two ways of snipping a field, either by counting characters and snip after the desired number of characters has been reached. Or snip a field based on the amount of words, so that after the desired number of words and when your other desired criterias (like respecting HTML) are fullfilled, the text is snipped.

Download Details Author: Parahead
:. SortOrders 2.3 EDIT 2004-02-04

Allows you to sort your posts by one or two specific fields, either alphabetical or numerical. Has support for sorting Maginot Sliced profiles (Maginot build 11 or above)

Download Details Authors: Lawrence, Parahead
:. Style Debugger 0.2 EDIT 2005-03-19

If you save a style and get an error message about it being invalid, this addon can help you to determain why you got that message.

It prints out the actual Perl code the style is translated to so you can determain for yourself what may be wrong. It tries to find out if a the style is unbalanced in regard to curly brackets and also points out each line containing curly brackets.

Download Details Author: Parahead
:. Top Bottom News Fields 0.1 EDIT 2004-08-11

Makes it possible to move news fields at the Edit News Fields page all the way to the Top or Bottom with one click.

Download Details Author: Parahead
:. X Multisubmit 2.4.3 EDIT 2006-04-02

Allows you to make multiple "Submit News" pages, choose which news fields you want on them, and even lock the submit pages to categories. This addon was originally developed by L0rdphi1, then improved further by Lawrence, InSAnE NiNjA and myself.

This version includes a new option which lets you sort the fields in the XMS Profile either in a custom way or the same as they are sorted at the Edit Fields page. Also a improved check for other addons to handle the new folder structure in Coranto 1.30.x

Download Details Author: Parahead
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