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:. ChangeDateNew 3.5.6 EDIT 2005-03-03

Allowes you to change the date and time of when a specific post was submitted, which can be both a past date and a future date. This makes it possible to post news in advance and having them show up at a later date (if automatic builds are needed, crontab and the addon autobuild is required).
It is also possible to specify an enddate when the post should be filtered out when doing a build and the newsitem will automagically be moved to a new Category if desired. Great for making an events calendar only showing future events.

Support for the X Multisubmit (XMS)-addon exists so that only the submitpages that you want will show the changedate fields.

This is the addon for you if:
* You would like to post news ahead of time.
* You need to post news with an old submission date.
* You need to specify a date when the newsitem should disapear from the site.

3.5.6 by Parahead (2005-03-03)
Bugfix, hooks inserted into the NewsCategory addon now done through EarlyHook instead of when the addon loads, which could cause problem if CDN was loaded before ncategory.
Bugfix, changed the sub ChangeDateNew_FuturePost to a 'my-sub' instead, since it needs access to the profile name when calling ChangeDateNew_SelectProfs.
Bugfix, the subs ChangeDateNew_SelectProfs and ChangeDateNew_ProfSelect now handles the virtual headline profiles correctly, that is using the main profile settings.

3.5.5 by Parahead (2005-02-19)
Bugfix, posting a newsitem without changing the submit date/time when a newsitem ahead of time already existed made the current newsitem appear before the fresher one.

3.5.4 by Parahead (2005-02-12)
Bugfix, if only changing the submission time the date was set back to 1970-01-01 (year zero in Unix)

3.5.3 by Parahead (2005-02-12)
Bugfix, previously the hook inserted into the NewsCategories_EditCat sub within the Category addon only worked for the build bundled together with Coranto 1.30.x (Used for the specification of which category to move a newsitem to when the end date was reached)
Included a section about Autobuild and cron in the documentation

3.5.2 by Parahead (2005-02-05)
Bugfix, now uses the time offset setting correctly when filtering newsitems (both future dates and valid to dates)
Bugfix, a small typo (in the sub ChangeDateNew_InitActiveProfiles) preventing a modification of the Valid To Date to a past date to work as intended

3.5.1 by Parahead (2005-02-05)
Bugfix, added call to NeedCFG when upgrading from old version of the addon
Improved the build check when upgrading from old version of the addon

3.5 by Parahead (2005-02-02)
Improved the error checks and corresponding messages.
Now possible to choose if both date and time (or only the date) should be possible to alter.
If the 'only alter date' option is choosen, the time is set to '00:00:01' if the date is changed.
Added option to choose which date format to use when entering dates at the submit news page.
The news database is updated when enabling this version to use Unix timestamp instead of 'dd-mm-yyyy'.
Changed marker in ChangeDateNew_SpeedupCode sub to BUILDNEWS_SKIPDELETE to comply with the 1.30.x series of Coranto.
Changed the precedence for when the hook SaveNews_2 and ChangeDateNew_SaveNews_2 should be executed to -10 (Reference thread:

3.4 by Parahead (2004-07-30)
Bug removed in sub ChangeDateNew_SaveNews_2 that made a newsitem not being sorted correctly at the Modify News page if only the time was changed.
Added support for moving a newsitem to another Cateogory when the End Date has been reached.
Added documentation accessible via the Addon Manager (eg. this document!)

3.3 by Parahead (2004-06-05)
The effort to try and comply with how the countnews array worked made things worse, so now the decrement is removed.

3.2 by Parahead (2004-04-13)
Now possible to specify which profiles the End Date should be active for.
Decrement of the countnews array is now done

3.1 by Parahead (2004-01-24)
First release by Parahead
An End Date feature has been added. Now you can specify an end date so that the newsitem will be filtered out after that date when doing a build. The value of the field is accessible in the style via the tag .
Support for the X Multisubmit addon added, now you can restrict presentation of the ChangeDateNew fields to the XMS pages of your choice. No need for the XMS addon to be installed but if it is at least version 2.0 beta 7 is required.
The actual filtering of the newsitem has been moved from the hook Build_GetData to the News_Filtering2 hook instead, to better comply with the functionality of how the countnews array works.

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