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:. CustomFields 1.0 EDIT 2006-01-08

Adds a couple of new types of Custom Fields as well as extend the functionality of some of the existing fields. The new fields are:

* Descriptionfield: Not really an inputfield, but instead lets you create a header or an explanation at the submit news page for a group of other fields, which can be a visual aid if you have many fields.

* Password Field: Let´s you hide a fields value even at the modify news page. Works like a HTML password field and scrambles the value so it isn´t possible to retrieve the value.

* Drop Down Box From File: A newsfield that get it's options from a file of your choice. It works very much the same as a normal Drop Down Field, but the entries in the box is fetched from a file instead of being specified inside the admin interface of Coranto.

* Concatenation Field: A newsfield that lets you choose two fields and concatenate their contents into just one which can be useful together with Maginot.

The fields that are being extended by this addon are:

* Single Line Input: Possible to choose that the field will be updated with the current time when posting or modifying news. Great if you edit a newspost and want to show "last altered at" or something.

* Drop Down Box: Possible to add new values on the fly when submitting/modifying news instead of just doing it at the Fields settings page. The values in the box are then alphabetically sorted. You can also make the dropdown to a multiple selection box.

The addon also lets you define validations that a field must pass through when submitting a newsitem, which for example can be used to check that a field really contains a date in the format you want.

This is the addon for you if:
* You need an automaticly updated timestamp field.
* You would like to fill a drop down with dynamic entries from an external source.
* You need a password field, not visible from the admin interface once you have entered it.
* You would like to be able to add values to a drop down box on the fly from the Submit News page.
* You would need to validate the content of a field, for example if it really is an email address.
* You would like to group some fields together with a describing label/header at the Submit News page, for example an image, left/right-position and the ALT text.
* You need to concatenate different fields into one.

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