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AddonDoc2 1.1
ChangeDateNew 3.5.6
Chmod 0.2
CopyNews 0.4
CustomFields 1.0
EasyEdit 1.0.1
EmptyProfile 0.6.1
FieldIncluder 1.0
Filter By Field 2.1
Full Profile Build 1.0
IsNewValue 0.1
Link Validator 1.3
Maginot Columns 0.3
Maginot Line Build 17
Modify News : Missing Subject 0.1.2
Multipart 1.59
NewFiles 1.1
NewsCounter 0.4
NumericNewsID 0.2
Prisoner's Dilemma build 2
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QueryFetcher 0.2
Random News 1.2
Search And Replace 1.0
ShadowMail 2.2
Snipper 1.0.1
SortOrders 2.3
Style Debugger 0.2
Top Bottom News Fields 0.1
X Multisubmit 2.4.3
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:. Link Validator 1.3 EDIT 2005-02-20

Makes it possible for you to verify that all the URL:s you have entered in your old newsitems are still valid. The addon loops through all the newsitems at your will and present a status report for each URL that is encountered. Of course an edit link to the newsitem where the link was found is presented at the same time so that you can correct any problems encountered.

1.3 (released by Parahead, 2005-02-20)
Collected the settings page and link validation under one main page.
Added option to use [edit] or Subject-link at status page, [edit] link is default.
Added option to limit the visible length of a URL.
Improved the documentation.

1.2 (released by Parahead, 2004-11-19)
Bugfix, NeedCFG() was not called which is needed for the SplitDataFile sub
Improved handling of the same URL in different newsitems
Improved handling of the same URL more than once in the same newsitem

1.1 (released by Parahead, 2004-11-18)
Now using LWP::UserAgent instead of LWP::Simple
Improved timeout control, on a per URL basis as well as a grand total
The URL's are now sorted alphabetically at the status page
Added a number field at the status page for easier reference
Added a message to inform the user if no URL's could be found

1.0 (released by Parahead, 2004-11-18)
First release

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