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:. Maginot Line Build 17 EDIT 2006-04-15

Maginot is an addon that brings you some new profile types with useful features to choose from.

* A 'Static profile' lets you create one outputfile for each newsitem.
* A 'Static Split Profile' is basically the same as a Maginot Static Profile, but it lets you
split up the single newsitem on several pages.
* A 'Sliced Profile' lets you place all newsitems which share a common value in the same file.
* A 'Sliced Index Profile' lets you create an index page with links to your Sliced pages.
* A 'Sliced Multi Index Profile' is for the advanced user. It makes it possible to create one
index page with links to subindex pages which in turn has links to the specific Sliced pages.

Build 15 by Parahead (2005-06-19)
* Fixed bug with not being able to choose User, Category and other non CustomFields as Static Fields.
* Fixed bug with slice fields not being treated the same if containing unwanted characters.
* Fixed minor bug when using slice values with unwanted characters, now those chars are filtered out.
* Fixed minor bug from build 14 which prevented usage of several templates in a Static Split Profile
* Separated the static/slice field to be two fields instead, type and field. Impact on users having old installations.
* Added support for using two slices, eg. first on Category then User in the Slice Profile.
* Added support for slicing on a custom number of newsitems per page in the Slice Profile.
* A custom character can be used as a delimiter to separate Slice Field 1, 2 and the filecounter in the Slice Profile.
* Possible to use a slash as the delimiter character to represent a folder. The subfolders are automatically created.
* It is possible to slice on field(s) *and* number, making each sliced file containing a maximum number of newsitems.
* Introduced the possibility to slice on multiple selection fields as suggested by bozoka45, read more about in the doc.
* Improved Next/Prev handling in a Sliced Profile, some fields where never set to correct values before.
* Improved the sorting for Maginot Sliced Index Profiles, now it is based on the Slice Values, rather than the filename.
* Added custom sort order option for Sliced Index Profiles.
* Changed the (Reverse) Numerical sorting in the Sliced Index Profile to mean 'sorting is done based on the number of newsitems in each slice'.
* Added the hook BuildNews_DifferentSortOrder for Static/Static Split profiles, in order for the SortOrders addon to work properly.
* Added the hooks BuildNews_PPSlicedProfile_Loop2 and BuildNews_PPSlicedProfile_DisplayLink to make the Maginot Columns addon work as intended.
* Added the array @SlicePage for a Sliced profile which contains all the pages for a specific slice value
* Added the array @TotalPage for a Sliced profile which contains all the sliced pages in the current profile.
* Added the arrays @MultiSliceValues1 and @MultiSliceValues2 for a Sliced profile which contains all the internal slices if slicing on a multiple field.
* With the new feature to slice on a number a bunch of new fields where introduced; SliceItemCounter, PageItemCounter, SlicePageCounter, TotalPageCounter, TotalItemCounter.
* With the new feature to slice on two fields a bunch of new fields where introduced; SliceType1, SliceType2, SliceField1, SliceField2, SliceValue1, SliceValue2, SliceNumber.
* Removed the Directory URL field in the Sliced Index profiles, since it did not serve any purpose!?
* Now possible to use customfields in the title field when using a template
* Added numeric Year, Month and Day as slicing options to simulate archive building functionality better
* Added a totaly new Profile type, Sliced Multi Index Profile, for building index pages in a branching structure
* Changed the EditProfPPStaticDefinition sub, instead of nested if/else-statements, each profile type settings is more grouped together now.
* Added the Display Name feature for all Maginot profile types
* Now using the CConfig variable tmpl_path for locating templates introduced in Coranto 1.31, fallback to admin_path if needed to
* Added feature for Static Split Profile to be able to autosplit newsitems after a certain amount of words, method of split is choosable.
* Added option to choose if initialization should be done for all newsfields in a Sliced Index and Sliced Multi Index profile.
* Added option to remove leading and trailing spaces from the split textfield in a style used by a Static Split profile.

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