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When a compiler accepts a program without error on the first run, the program will not yield the desired output
- Corollary To Pierce's Law
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Full Profile Build 1.0
IsNewValue 0.1
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Maginot Line Build 17
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Style Debugger 0.2
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X Multisubmit 2.4.3
Weberver & Perl Errors
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Eduardo Pedreño
Ken Edwards (mavmesa)
Jesse Walden
Michio Takagi
:. Style Debugger 0.2 EDIT 2005-03-19

If you save a style and get an error message about it being invalid, this addon can help you to determain why you got that message.

It prints out the actual Perl code the style is translated to so you can determain for yourself what may be wrong. It tries to find out if a the style is unbalanced in regard to curly brackets and also points out each line containing curly brackets.

0.2 by Parahead (2005-03-19)
Improved error checks and specification of errorlines even more.
Made the addon work with both current stable release of Coranto (1.24) as well as the 1.30.x series

0.1 by Parahead (2004-08-23)
First release

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