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AddonDoc2 1.1
ChangeDateNew 3.5.6
Chmod 0.2
CopyNews 0.4
CustomFields 1.0
EasyEdit 1.0.1
EmptyProfile 0.6.1
FieldIncluder 1.0
Filter By Field 2.1
Full Profile Build 1.0
IsNewValue 0.1
Link Validator 1.3
Maginot Columns 0.3
Maginot Line Build 17
Modify News : Missing Subject 0.1.2
Multipart 1.59
NewFiles 1.1
NewsCounter 0.4
NumericNewsID 0.2
Prisoner's Dilemma build 2
Profile Numeric Filter 0.1.2
QueryFetcher 0.2
Random News 1.2
Search And Replace 1.0
ShadowMail 2.2
Snipper 1.0.1
SortOrders 2.3
Style Debugger 0.2
Top Bottom News Fields 0.1
X Multisubmit 2.4.3
Weberver & Perl Errors
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Eduardo Pedreño
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Jesse Walden
Michio Takagi
:. X Multisubmit 2.4.3 EDIT 2006-04-02

Allows you to make multiple "Submit News" pages, choose which news fields you want on them, and even lock the submit pages to categories. This addon was originally developed by L0rdphi1, then improved further by Lawrence, InSAnE NiNjA and myself.

This version includes a new option which lets you sort the fields in the XMS Profile either in a custom way or the same as they are sorted at the Edit Fields page. Also a improved check for other addons to handle the new folder structure in Coranto 1.30.x

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