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:. Maria, Patrik and Evelina visitedEDITDELETE 2008-03-01

Today we got visited by our friends Maria and Patrik and their newborn baby Evelina. We looked at melodifestivalen...

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:. "Folkrace" at Enebybanan EDITDELETE 2006-08-06
"Folkrace" at Enebybanan

I don't know what the english word for "folkrace" is, but it is very fun! :-) Basically normal (but often older) cars modified for racing and the purpose is to keep the expensives as low as possible so that everybody can race, eg. "peoples race".

Nuff said about that, me and my brother Erik went down to a place south of Stockholm and watched when one of the folkrace cups where held and it was alot of speed and adrenaline. We got a good location to watch from in a corner with alot of action and at one point we had a close encounter when there was an incident and one of the cars went for a little climbing over the protection barrier, but of course it didn't made it over...

Between the car races they also had 4 wheel motorcycle races, with some of them having 1000 CC 2 stroke engines. It sounds really crazy when those guys burn out.

Anyway, someday I think I will try and pull together some people and do some folkrace driving myself.

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:. Celibrated Laila on mothers dayEDITDELETE 2005-05-29
Laila is cutting the first piece

In Sweden it is mothers day today, so of course we celibrated Laila with some cake and flowers. Cecilia and a friend of hers did make the cake all by themself and Alexander and I came with the flowers after our trip to see some gocart racing.

Last night it had rain quite much and there had been some thunder and lightning as well and at the morning it was only 12 degrees and some really gray clouds where darkening the sky. During the day it cleared up and the temprature started to rise so in the afternoon we actually could sit in the garden and enjoy the cake.

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:. Watched some gocart racingEDITDELETE 2005-05-29
Fight for position

Today Alexander and I joined my friend Peter Junker and went to watch some gocart racing over at Järfälla MotorKlubb, a bit north of Stockholm where Peter also has his own cart located.

It was the Stockholm Race Weekend that took place there, and since Alexander has been wanting to get to see Peters cart and see some racing it was a good opertunity. The weather wasn´t that nice to begin with so we actually had some second thoughts about going, but we went anyway. And that was a good thing because it cleared up and was really nice at the end of the day.

It was really fun to see some good racing action and nice but fair battles in many of the races as well. When there is about 25 cars out at the same time it is bound to be action and battles all over the track. The speeker did review the ongoing action, but who can hear that with a bunch of full throttle carts all over the place?

Afterwards we went home to celibrate Laila with some cake and flowers, since it is mothers day today.

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:. A driving experienceEDITDELETE 2005-05-20
Gone in 4 seconds...

Today I was at Linköpings Motorstadio and drove Formel Renault in the first of a three step course to get a racing license. Yihaa, that was a lot of fun!

Since we started from Stockholm and it is about 2 hours driving to Linköping from Stockholm we needed to start early, so at 07.00 we left the central station and headed south.

Before lunch there was theorylessons where we learned how to break, give gas and take the turns in an efficient way. Some of the theory about driving a formel car do feel a bit akward, but this isn´t normal cars after all. Alot of power and alot of speed on closed circuits.

After lunch we was ready for the real thing and the actual driving was done in 4 heats with 5 laps each time with increasing speeds after each heat. During the three first heats we played follow John, with a pace care in front of us, just to learn to take the right line around the course.

The fourth heat was without the pace car and it was allowed to pass other cars at one section of the track. It wasn´t untill this fourth heat that we really did get to feel the power and speed of these cars and unfortunally I was a little to hot so during my fourth lap I did came in to fast into a turn and was unable to get the car balanced before it, so my rear loose grip and I slided of the track. Nothing major, but since no one was allowed to continue after a slide of the track I was very disapointed on myself for pushing it too much.

Anyway, it was a superb day and I had a lot of fun, thank you Mattias for letting me participate! Take a look Driving Event's own homepage to get more info about the cars, license and pictures.

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